Accounting services – complex services
Tax consultancy – tax advisory
The legal, law-economic services
Payroll and human resources
Company foundation
Erasure companies ex officio
Providing a registered Head Office


  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • simple accounting
  • processing VAT and ESL
  • accounting advice



  • processing of payrolls
  • settlement of tax advances
  • health insurance settlement
  • submission of returns


Human Resources

  • employment contracts
  • material responsibility
  • business rules
  • OHS and fire protection



  • establishing of companies
  • esteblishing of trades
  • general assemblies
  • consultancy


Goblet and Jenever Economy

Our company offers its services in the Slovak B2B market since 1993. Earlier in a different grouping and form, later through gradual transformation into today’s form consisting of 2 companies – accounting and tax advisory company.

Accounting and tax ServicesIt covers a wide spectrum of activities related to accounting, wages, human resources management, accounting and tax consulting, setting up of companies and trades, bankruptcy and liquidation of over-indebted or problematic companies, legal services and so on, provided to all types of businesses as well as other services connected to the operation of businesses.

Our main services:

* Accounting and Tax Services
* Wages and Human Resources
* Legal-economic services
* Liquidation, bankruptcy and ex offo cancellation of companies
* Provision of a Registered Office etc.

More about our offer in the Services section.


Warranty services provided by our tax advisor registered in the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors,, number of licenses, registrations = 92/2009.