Tax Services

Professionally, correctly, quickly and on time we offer tax services and tax consultancy services according to Slovak legislation, which is monitored and studied by our experts (tax consultants) on a regular basis. Not to be overlooked is our assistance offered in optimization of all of your tax obligations.

We offer full general representation before tax authorities as tax advisors. We provide for tax consulting, proposals regarding tax optimization and complex tax consulting on a “plug-and-go” basis according to individual client needs. We also can advise you in choosing a payment system of taxes in the European Union and how to avoid double taxation with regard to Slovak tax conditions. With us you can expect:

  • lower costs
  • greater certainty
  • certainty regarding correctness of tax processing
  • multilingual processing in electronic form
  • no risk with our insurance up to € 100,000 with Generali Slovensko

Our services - tax agenda:

* ICTA (Income and Corporation Tax)

  • calculation of income tax
  • calculation of advance income tax
  • tax return of income tax for natural persons, type A - employees
  • tax return of income tax for natural persons, type B – freelancers and self-employed persons
  • legal corporate income tax
  • tax return of non-profit organizations and civic associations
  • disclosure of risk
  • tax optimization proposals


  • preparation of registration for VAT by tax authorities for voluntary or under the VAT Act liable for the payment of VAT
  • a return to value added tax monthly or quarterly
  • tax procedures for authorization of recapitulative statements - ESL electronically
  • a summary statement of VAT, ESL,
  • tax credits
  • calculation of the VAT rate
  • processing of applications for refund of VAT paid abroad

* Local taxes

  • compliance with reporting obligations
  • tax return of property
  • tax return of motor vehicles
  • calculation of advances in motor vehicle tax
  • tax per parking space for your fleet of motor vehicles

* Consumer tax - excise duty

  • tax return on mineral oils, alcohol, beer, wine, tobacco and tobacco products in conjunction with the Slovak Republic Customs Office

* Other services in the area of taxes

  • optimization of your tax status
  • professional consultation services and written opinions on complex tax issues in conjunction with the Central Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic
  • consultancy services on international taxation
  • general tax representation of our clients and provision of professional support during the execution of tax audit on the basis of General Power of Attorney
  • performance of independent tax audits with the aim to identify risky areas, or according to your requirements
  • processing and execution of all comprehensive tax reports, surveys, annual advances regarding income tax from paid employment, fulfilment of registration and reporting obligations under the tax legislation in force.

Why choose as your partner ?

  1. Individual, prompt and friendly approach
  2. We are a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, license number 92/2009,
  3. Professional experience gained in the home and international consulting and accounting field over the last 20 years
  4. Reliability, discretion and flexibility on our side are a matter of course
  5. We meet the deadlines set by agreement exactly and on time
  6. Tax issues are difficult everywhere; we study them and monitor changes, so as our client, paying your tax advisor will cost you many times less
  7. We can save our clients money, all in accordance with Slovak legislation, thus we guide each client toward strengthening their economies.

We stick to the motto: "If our client is successful, we will progress as well!"