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Our company offers its services in the Slovak B2B market since 1993. Earlier in a different grouping and form, later through gradual transformation into today’s form consisting of 2 companies – accounting and tax advisory company. It covers a wide spectrum of activities related to accounting, wages, human resources management, accounting and tax consulting, setting up of companies and trades, bankruptcy and liquidation of over-indebted or problematic companies, legal services and so on, provided to all types of businesses as well as other services connected to the operation of businesses (more about the services in the Services section).

In addition to what was already mentioned we also draw from our own business experience in administration, operation and activities of our companies /BEA Group/. This also allows us a much broader view of conducting business, balancing and protecting the economy and paying taxes of each individual company and entrepreneur in within the framework of the Slovak tax system. And this is our advantage in comparison to other accounting and tax companies and agencies. Our view is global and once we start to do A for you, we will also tell you about the sequence B to Z. As we have the adequate economic and material base and related personal, economic and room capacity our price offer is acceptable not only for large multinational companies and medium-sized enterprises but also and especially for small businesses and businessmen and for their companies with regard to the price level of other Slovak accounting and tax companies. For the foundation of the economy of each country in the European Union, of their GDP and its growth is every individual business entity. It is those entities, who through the creation of jobs and by paying all kinds of taxes form at least 70% of every economy. And in some areas even more – up to 90%. And we are here to put the activities of all these businesses under a roof and to protect them.

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