Why Us

Why to choose us to process your accounting, wages and taxes?

  • accounting will cost you a couple times less than hiring of an internal employee
  • you do not have to pay trainings for your accountant /who in your company will know which trainings are really necessary?/
  • you do not have to follow the constantly changing legislation in the area of taxes and accounting, especially these days as the common tax and accounting standards and systems of harmonisation of all member states of the European Union are being introduced and implemented
  • if you need advice, you do not need to look for accounting and tax advisors. We will provide all such services
  • unlike an employee, our company fully guarantees the corectness of processing of accounting and taxes and is also insured against potential risks in Generali Slovensko poisťovňa, a.s., insurance certificate No. 50018077-33 up to the amount of 67,000.00 €
  • in case of representation before the institutions of state or state and local authorities we will take care of all communication with them
  • you will not have to worry about the processing of your accounting. At the agreed time we will take your documents and process them
  • we will prepare and present you quarterly or monthly reports including financial results for such period and you are consequently able to correct and direct your business activities
  • we will remind you of your tax and social contribution obligations
  • we will provide all accounting statements in Slovak, German or English language in printed or electronic form in desired formats /PDF, XLS, TXT, RTF, CSV, HTM, ARP or any other you use/
  • possibility of remote online access to your accounting system in our company and on-line monitoring of the state of your accounting, economy and taxes
  • in case of international subjects – companies other than Slovak businessmen we will provide communication in German or English language