• full time employee: 10,- €
  • worker with a work agreement: 5,- €

At least 50.- € or a combination with the processing of accounting
If there are a higher number of employees, individual price can be agreed.

Human Resources

  • based on agreement, in case of the processing of wages for more than 10 full time employees a one time fee of 5,- € for every employee is charged
  • the preparation of the full legal agenda related to labour and work documents /employment contract, material responsibility agreement for individuals and the collective, employment rules together with a clause on confidentiality of know-how and business matters and job description of individual working positions/ based on the extent – 100,- € to 300,- €.


Prices for accounting can be set based on the number of book entries or as a fixed amount per month.

  • based on the number of entries at least 100,- €/month, 1,- €/entry
  • fixed amount
    • under 100 entries: 100,- €
    • under 150 entries: 150,- €
    • under 500 entries: 500,- €
    • over 500 entries: individual price
    • individual price is possible also in the case of processing of accounting in combination with wages, registered office at our address, or other services, i.e. possibility of a lower price for the client

Price for the preparation of tax return inclusive of all relevant statements with respect to the complexity of used accounting and tax instruments and to the extent: 200 - 500,- €/year

Other statements and statistics in addition to the contractually agreed extent: 40,- €/hour


accounting consultancy 30.- €/hour
tax consultancy: 40.- €/hour
business consultancy: 30.- €/hour
personnel consultancy: 30.- €/hour
legal consultancy: 40.- €/hour

Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Ex Offo Cancellation of Your Companies

  • Unused companies: 1,000.- €
  • Other with respect to complexity: 3,000.- € to 7,000.- €


With respect to the requirements of the client and according to mutual agreement.

Provision of a Registered Office

  • 40,- € to 60,- €/month /40.- € for a client whose accounting and wages are processed by our company and 50.- € - 60.- € for a client who only uses the registered office service at our address/.

The price of other services related to the provision of a registered office is based on agreement. (the designation of the registered office of the company by the name of the company and identification number, reception of writings sent to the address of the company, ensuring the contact between the company and state authorities and the public, space for business meetings at the registered address of the company aimed at management of the company)